RPG - Symphony of Eternity App Reviews

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great game

great rpg it reminds me of ffiv

Not bad

Needs universal update. Or at the very least iCloud support so my save is same on iPhone and iPad The touch controls could be more responsive in battles and the sprites on the map are a bit small.

Good Game, needs a Universal update

This and the other JRPG (Alfadia?) released by this company need a universal update. 5 stars for sure then. No one likes playing iPhone games when the more comfortable real estate of an iPad is available.


Amazing game, similar to some of the older final fantasy games.


Finally a old school turned-based rpg!! I love it! We need more turn-based rpgs


Good game all in all but the controls r really frickin awkward make a d-pad type thing then I will reconsider


Absolutly a great RPG i love it, ( from a guy who is nearly finish the game with 40h of game )

Old school feel with new school customization.

A must try for anyone who grew up on SNES RPGs and remembers when game content and play style were more important than graphics big budgets (though the graphics on this game ARE really nice).


Awesome game at 99c it would be stupid not to get it

Old school

Just awesome what a great through back to the old days of dragon warrior for the nes Had a great time playing this game

5 Star!

This is a great app brings back memories.!! If your reading this try it out I mean come on its 99.cents you cant go wrong :D

Great game

A great throw back to old school RPGs. Lots of level grinding, and many hours of play. FYI: there are 3 dpad styles included in the game.

Great job

Ive been scared of most RPGs on the app store because theyre too simple and boring. This game has customizable skills, good story and does not have random battles! Best rpg on iOS for the money hands down.

Very good

It stands the test of time with old skool rpgs and it surpasses my expectations again and again

Buy it now!!!

If there was 100000 stars ill put it. Its my favorite game yet and i just bought it 10 minutes ago!! Cant wait to be far in the game! Its like pokemon in a way because its rpg!! If you like to equip ur player and level them up and battle like pokemon buy it now because its a 1$ and going to change very soon!!

Great but...

I dont know how to upgrade using the points... Please help!


Good game wrecked by horrible pathing.


Good game. In depth. Good enemy graphics. Somewhat repetitive though. Also can be confusing. Very classic. 4.5 stars

Great throwback RPG

This game reminds me of the old super Nintendo RPGs such as final fantasy, which is great. They need more games like this one, I would get it even at $8 just to have an epic RPG on my iPhone

Pretty decent

It is a great game, it has sort of a final fantasy feel to it as well. 5*

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