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Great old school rpg


Will this be updated to work with IOS 11?

Amazing Old School RPG

My favorite Kemco game!!! But it needs to be updated to iOS 11! Bought it on the 3ds, but the visuals are not as good as on my phone. I hope that Kemco updates this games soon.

Update pls

Need to be update to iOS 11

Just what I've been looking for

Really smooth gameplay, haven't gotten lost yet, it's a little buggy with screen orientation but it you lock it so the screen doesn't change it works perfectly. Amazing game.

Fun Retro RPG

I am really enjoying this game! The story is typical for the JRPG genre, but the combat and leveling systems are interesting.

Enjoyed it

Jus wish there were more secrets and game was longer...


Designers did a great job. I'm having a blast with this game. Movement controls took a bit of getting used to but once I got the hang of it they seemed pretty great. Story is pretty fun so far. Love the auto-battle feature. I want MOAR! Sequel, and/or prequels please! Things I would like improved for this or a future game: 1. The forest textures are 100% crap. Texture graphics in general are bad, which is surprising given that there are so many easily available textures these days and that the rest of the game has neat graphics for combat, dialogue, over-world and shops. However I eventually got used to the bad textures and didn't mind them so much. 2. When you buy weapons it would be nice if you could compare weapons in the shop to equipped weapons (think FF6 and FF7. Also, an "optimize" command would be great (look at the way weapons are bought in FF6). 3. Perhaps the sprites could be a smidge larger. They are TINY!

Great game

Its not as challenging as final fantasy is, but it does offer a great sensation of RPG which anyone who is a fan of should try out. The game is pretty straightforward throughout the entire adventure, its only after you beat the game it is a little confusing on how to go into the extra dungeons. Most of you will enjoy it a ton and have an amazing day!


Can you guys make the game "RPG GRINSIA, eve of the genesis and alphadia" for $0.99 again? Please please please please .. I barely got my Ipodtouch .Please please! Thank you so mich i aprreciate it! .. Ive alreary tried this game and i almost finish it :)! Thanks!! GOD BLESS

Burned Again

After the travesty that was Alphadia, I was hesitant to give this developer another chance. That was a mistake. Generic in every sense of the word and so easy and boring that it should be prescribed as a sleep aid.


Great old school rpg

Long Old School RPG

This game is a sweet throwback to 16-bit RPGs. It really has a Final Fantasy flavor to it, from the battle mechanics to the towns to the airship. I spent 24 hours going through the game on my first play-through. I am a perfectionist and completist, though. I love the tablets, which are similar to the FFVI esper system. The merit point system is great as well. My only complaints are the tiny world graphics and the fact that you get the rest of your party so late in the game. Other than that, it is pure awesomeness.

Not too shabby

Fun game. Dialogue was poorly translated so the story was essentially meaningless, but I had fun leveling up. The tablets are a neat feature I've never seen on an RPG before. I'd reccomend this game. Used up a good 20 hours of my time 😜

Freezes phone

As soon as I open the app it freezes my phone and I can't do anything! Big disappointment!! I got to play it before and it was extremely fun! Fix please!

Quite immersive, great game.

This RPG was definitely one of the best I have played in awhile. The storyline flowed well and the characters were both humorous and connectable, the two main male characters definitely reminded me of Ed and Al from FMA at times. Not sure why people are complaining about the game freezing or crashing, on my iPod touch 3rd gen I have not once had a single crash or freeze since install. Over 16 hours logged so far, playing through a second time because I really enjoyed some of the dialogue in it. I recommend you save often as the trash mobs might not be difficult, but an unlucky crit during boss fights can screw your pooch. If there ever is a sequel, I will definitely buy it. 5/5

Fun game! But freezes!

10% of the time, the game will freeze on start up. Right before 'loading' appears. Neither home button or power button will quit out of app. After several minutes it'll crash out. I love this style of game. And I like to grind exp. But I feel exp is just a little slow. To the point where it gets boring. If you could fix the app from freezing, I feel this game would be 5 stars.

Broken app!!! Needs fix!!

This is ridiculous. I bought this app weeks ago and it's still broken... This is the only app I've ever had that consistently causes my 4s to lock up completely requiring a hard reset. Stay the hell away from this app until they fix it

Great game!!

Its so worth the dollar i love it. Just like final fantasy. But what do i do with the silver nugget things? Someone help please


For a classic rpg, this game is good (if you're a action rpg fan then don't bother, because you'd find it boring). At first i was annoyed by the game functions. However, the longer i played, the more i addicted to it ^^. Eventually, i ended up spend 14hours straight to finish it. The story and characters are both interesting and creative (well, maybe not quite, kinda reminds me of Fundamental Alchemist) but I love it anyway Lol.

too easy.

good classic story RPG, too easy though, beat the whole game, got all stuffs in less than 24 hours. still worth a dollar i'd say..

Omg 99 cent sale!!

Thank you! I've been really wanting this game. I'm now a loyal customer.

Symphony Stalled

I can't in good faith submit an honest review seeing as the game won't start. Every time I try it the game opens to the title and freezes my whole phone forcing a hard reset. Everytime! I'm sure it's a good game but it won't play, patch it and I'll give a proper review

Fantastic old-school style JRPG!!

Going to say this now, do not hesitate and buy this while it is still on sale! Beat this game in 12 1/2 hours and about to play it again! Fantastic old school style JRPG like the first Final Fantasy games but with a more developed story and built for the itouch! Controls are literally all about the touch and simple to grasp. It tends to be a bit clunky at times and you'll find yourself running into walls from time to time but nothing to bad. It looks great, has a story which just makes me want to progress even quicker and easy to pick up and play! It's not even that grindy of a JRPG which makes it much better rather then having to grind levels for hours and hours. I saw this at originally full price and never would have picked it up but went on sale, saw good reviews, bought it and man am I glad I did. 5/5 get it now while it's on sale. As good as it is I don't think it's worth $8.99!


Painfully generic RPG that is a total bore. Not worth even a dollar unless you're desperate to play an RPG with really stupid, "fan fiction-y" names. What the heck is a Laishtusha?

A legit jrpg

This game exceeded my expectations thus far. I am 5 hours into the game (probably 50% ish based on plot) and it has been pure enjoyment. Unlike most iPhone RPGs I have downloaded, this game is not merely a tribute to a golden age of snes RPGs but rather a new addition to the genre. This game is extremely well made. Touch controls are fine on the iPhone 4s. The story line is pretty generic , along the lines of chrono trigger or tales of phantasia, but that's a good thing right? Combat is fun and a good difficulty. Enemies are avoidable (buy speed boots in first town) so you can make the game harder or easier depending on your play style. Character characterization is very open too, as you can specialize characters fairly freely with the class system. To sum it up I bought this game two days ago and have logged 5 hours already despite a busy two days. This game is a must buy and is of a quality worthy of a ds or psp port. Many improvements are made over older RPGs , my favorite being it lets you know when you are about to fight a boss so you can prepare and not have to retrack your progress. 5/5 best modern age full size jrpg on app store Edit: about 8 hours of the first play through but two off the after bosses are probably Newgate + material

Too tiny!

The characters are so small that you can barely even see what's going on! It just ruins the whole experience. Wasted my money.

Great game!!

Really fun! I enjoy it a lot! But I can't get passed Ruland. :/ pls help

Top of the 5

Out of the 5 different RPG Games that have been brought to Us by Kemco, Grinsia Alphadia Genesis And the 4th whose's name escapes me. Symphony stands out the most in terms of about everything. It's length is a good 15-30h game. It's NOT shoddy character development, The battle design and combo system was superbly designed. The satisfaction that you can't just auto attack your way through the game. The music made Gave the feeling you were playing an actual final fantasy. Overworld, under world, sea world, sky world. Brilliant terrain locations. It truly felt the most polished of the 5 If any of them were to be deserving of a sequel, a DIRECT One. I'd have to give my 2 cents to Symphony.

Fun but...

I love the game but I lost to a boss and it won't let me fight him again and it says it's the next thing I need to do.

Loveeee itttt

best kotobuki game so far 5 stars... BRAVO


This game was fun for a while , pretty decent old school RPG. However recently it's been crashing my phone right after I load the app up. Not just the app but I need to restart my phone. If this problem isn't resolved soon I will delete it off my phone, this is the first app I've got that actually forces me to restart my device and it is quite annoying.

Great game!

Total reminds me of final fantasy series but still not as good. Worth the money even tho I got it on sale price. But I didn't like the ending I don't want to spoil it but those who already played it you might know what I mean.

A must play

This is a great RPG paying homage to games that made us fall in love with RPGs like FF , etc in the first place! Just need to make the talk boxes transparent


The graphics are crude and everything is drawn so tiny it is difficult to see. When you walk into a "shop" or "room", it takes up less than 1/10 of the screen area and the rest is black. The tiny room is so difficult to see. Why not make things larger so you don't have to constantly squint out of frustration. That said, the game play is fine. It doesn't appear that you have to do an excessive amount of "grinding" to progress through the story. So far, I've been able to progress just by fighting whatever crosses my path and not making it a point to find fights. There is an "auto" battle mode which works for lower levels when you don't tend to use magical attacks much. The game is a good length. I've played 17h and not finished the main story line yet.

Great game!

This game is so great! Good storyline and good characters. I love the touch controls alot better than the c pad!

Best RPG for the iPhone

I love this game! The storyline is fantastic, and the characters' personalities are quite entertaining.


Problem with app. Froze on title screen, didn't even finish loading, on my 4gs phone. Deleting app after reading other reviews. Too major an issue.

Is there no sound at all?

I can not get the sound/background music to play.

A really fun game.

Very generic but fun RPG to play on your iPhone. Really lengthy and fun. 5 stars!

Good old skool RPG!

I'd say good, but not great. I like the play, but some of the options when fighting are kind of confusing to me. Also, when walking around in dungeons & towns, the picture seems really tiny. I feel like i have to put my iphone under a magnify glass to see it. I gave it a 4 out of 5 bc its a good RPG, but compared to others like Final Fantasy, i'd rather play FF.

Great game

Had fun throughout the whole game and it has a nice end game features as well so I can still have more fun after the storyline is finished

Very good

Super fun game, enjoyable for fans of the genre and non fans too. Only problem i have is i think it bugs a little bit, but its still really cool. :-)3

Great- but needs autosave

Will 5 star when Autosave is introduced!!! Great game. Very classic jrpg style. Decent story line. A bit cheesy writing, but good overall. Great fighting, limited item diversity, but it almost makes it better. But it NEEDS autosave. Played for an hour and lost all my progress when a phone call came in and i hadnt manually saved for that entire hour. Unacceptable given all the chances and scene changes.

Great time

I am enjoying this game a lot so far. I love the character and combat systems. The story and characters are great as well.

Great Game

I have put like 20 some hours into this game to beat it n still I'm gonna go back n get everything. This game is very addicting it's hard to put down, I love it it's just awesome. I would definitely recommend it to those who love a good RPG!

This game is freaking amazing...

This game is so freaking awesome, I passed it in 14 hours and re-passed it again and I'm about to do it again :D. I really love this game, please make another game, AND LENGTHY TOO!!:D

Buyer Beware, COMPLETE lock up of iPhone 4s and iPad 2

As I stated in the title, this app has repeatedly (around every 3rd start of the app) completely locked up both my iPad 2 and iPhone 4s. I cannot home or power down, I MUST fully reboot to fix the device. These are ports of very old games, and they are fairly simple. To have a problem of this magnitude is unforgivable. I'll be requesting a refund and will stay away from this developer.

Without a doubt one of my favorite

Games ever. The plot is great, just when it seems like a straightaway to the finish they add in something new. Bosses are nice and challenging, actually had to work to beat a few of them. And I love the option, once you win, to keep your levels and go back and completely own everything. Great. Make sequel plz :)

#1 game I've probably ever bought !

The start is pretty good as it goes through the game it's even better ! I love this game just <3 and I want to play it all the time! Definitely worth it! Buy it. Worth every dime you put into this game !

Just get it!

I can't believe how much I enjoyed this. I just beat it after 18 hours of game play and there is still more to do. Totally worth it. I got it on sale but I would pay full price if I knew it was this good. The characters are funny and likable. The story is intriguing. The graphics are nice. Great game.

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